Waters Freestanding Baths FAQ's

This section answers some frequently asked questions about our freestanding baths, we hope it's informative and gives you all
the info you need. However if you have any further questions or enquiries, we're here help please don't hesitate to contact us on
01332 824 166
or alternatively at hello@watersbaths.co.uk

What is i-Line, and why is it special?

We think the secret to a luxurious relaxing bath is to be totally immersed, having your knees or legs sticking up or out is surely a compromise. The i-Line collection has an edge profile of just 20mm, our competitors products can be anything from 80 – 100mm, therefore if there bath is 1700 long and has a edge of 100mm the internal length is 1500mm, a freestanding bath from the Waters i-Line collection is 1700mm but because the edge is just 20mm the internal length is 1660mm. Giving you an extra 160mm to immerse yourself in. And for those with limited space a choice of 15/1600mm baths without compromise. So, have the bath you always wanted in the space you have available.

Can I see your products locally?

We have an ever growing portfolio of accredited retailers, our online dealer locator will help you to find your nearest one and will tell you which products they have on display. If you have any problems, please contact us and we'll help you find the nearest one to you.

Where can I buy your baths?

You can buy our baths in-store at any of our accredited retailers for collection or delivered direct to your home, regrettably due to the size and weight of our baths there is an extra charge for residential deliveries.

How much do your baths cost?

We offer three collections, Elements priced at £2195, i-Line priced at £1695 and the Linear collection priced at £1195 (all inc. VAT)

If I place an order, when will I receive my bath?

Our normal delivery promise is 2/3 days to an accredited retailer or residential address. Some of our accredited retailers hold small amounts of stock for local collection. If your chosen item is not in stock or a special commission we guarantee to manufacturer and deliver it within a maximum of 6 weeks. If delivery time is a key factor we recommend you discuss it with your appointed retailer.

Can I buy the bath outside of the UK?

Yes. Although we currently only hold stock in the UK, we would be happy to quote for shipping to your chosen destination. For more information please contact us.

How comfortable are your baths?

Comfort is a key aspect of our design. To experience the quality, design and comfort of a Waters freestanding bath, please visit one of our accredited retailers.

Do I need a lot of space to have a freestanding bath?

It helps, but some of our baths start at 1500mm (200mm shorter than a standard 1700mm built-in bath). Freestanding baths also reveal more floor and wall surface, giving the appearance of a larger room.

How easy is it to install the bath?

We recommend that our baths are installed by suitably qualified installers. Every one of our freestanding baths is supplied with comprehensive installation instructions. A downloadable PDF copy of this can be found on the product page of our web site. We strongly advise that you review these instructions with your installer prior to purchase.

Can I fit taps to the bath?

Our freestanding baths are ideally complimented by a freestanding bath tap. However Linear products can be retro fitted with either bath filler, overflow combinations or with edge mounted tap sets. (To be undertaken only by a professional installer). i-line products can also be filled using a wall mounted bath filler.

Can the baths overflow?

The overflows on our baths comply with BS/EN regulations and the amount of water they will displace from the bath is as follows: Linear 18ltr per minute i-Line 32ltr per minute.

How much do the baths weigh?


The empty and filled weights (minus bather) of our baths are included in the specification sheets. These are available from accredited retailers, or available to view or download as a PDF in the download section of our web site.

Will I need to reinforce my floor?

Reinforcement to a bathroom floor is not normally required. If you are in any doubt of the suitability of your floor for a freestanding bath we recommend you discuss your installation with someone suitably qualified.

Who do I contact if I have technical installation questions?

We’re here to help. Please call us on +44 (0)1332 824166 or email us with your requirements. Alternatively, our accredited retailers have the skills and experience to help with any technical questions that you may have.

What colours do your baths come in?

Our baths are currently available in a rainbow of stunning colours, from Farrow and Ball to beautiful shimmering metalics. Please call us to discuss.

What is Lucite™ and why do you use it?

We use 4.0mm Lucite™ sheets and it is an acrylic product designed by ICI and manufactured to consistent quality standards by Dupont and laterly the Mitsubishi Rayon Corporation. We use it in our baths because:

• Lucite™ is UV stable and colour fast, so there is no discolouration with age or direct sunlight.

• It gives us an exact and consistent colour, ensuring our baths are the same colour: time after time, year after year.

• Lucite™ provides a constant thickness, ensuring that our bath forms remain stable with no deflection during use.

• Its properties avoid stressed, thin or transparent areas.

• It ensures all our baths have a luxurious, long lasting abrasion resistant finish.

• We are actively working to develop new and exciting Lucite™ materials for exclusive use in our freestanding baths. We are so confident in the quality and durability of our baths that we offer a lifetime warranty with every one.

Are your baths recyclable?


Yes. Lucite is 100% recyclable and in years to come when you chose to renew your bathroom we can arrange for the removal and recycling of your Waters freestanding bath.

Can I paint the bath?


Yes. However, we recommend only painting the outside. Use only oil or water based paints and carefully follow the instructions below:

• First, rub down the surface with a fine abrasive paper to form a key. Wipe down thoroughly to remove any dust before applying the paint.

• Following the paint manufacturer’s instructions, apply the paint to the bath. We recommend two topcoats. Use a small roller or brush, applying paint in a random fashion so as not to create paint lines.

• To finish, depending on the type of paint used, apply a coat of water or oil-based matt varnish to add further protection.



Does the bath come with a guarantee?

Yes. We are so confident in the quality, durability and longevity of our freestanding baths that we offer a limited lifetime warranty to the first purchaser. This is valid from the date of purchase against defect in the materials and or workmanship, however it excludes third party wastes and overflows. We will replace or repair the defective product subject to the following conditions:

• Our obligation is to the original purchaser and cannot be transferred.

• Products must have been used in the manner they were intended; cover does not apply to any products that have been misused or abused in any way.

• Products must be installed and cared for in line with our fixing instructions and local water bylaws.*

• Lifetime warranty does not extend to products installed in commercial applications.

The guarantee does not extend to:

• Scratches or accidental damage after purchase.

• Damage resulting from failure to follow installation or care and cleaning instructions.

• Damage on installation.

• Faults arising from improper use.

The guarantee covers products in domestic use by the consumer and not commercial or business use.Before installing the bath please read the fitting instructions as our guarantee will be invalidated if you do not follow these.

*This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.

How do I clean my bath?


A soft damp cloth and warm soapy water is suitable for everyday cleaning. Never use abrasive cleaners on your bath as they could scratch the surface of the Lucite™ material and detrimentally affect its appearance.

What do I do if I scratch my bath and it leaves a mark?


Lucite™ is abrasion resistant. However, any scratches can be removed easily. We recommend using an automotive “T-Cut” or enamel cleaning agent to help restore your bath to its original finish. If you have further questions please dont hesitate to contact your accredited retailer or ourselves on the numbers provided

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