Natural colours create bathroom inspiration

Natural tones bring fresh life to bathroom spaces, making them feel more like spas and less like plain spaces. If your bath could use a colour lift, take a colour from a natural palette that will have your space looking elegant, luxurious and anything but predictably neutral. For a balance of tranquility and energy, pick a shade of blue that’s not too saturated, and pair it with white. For a modern look that’s also inviting, use blues in dark or light shades as the backdrop for a rectangular bathtub such as the Pool freestanding bath. From soft dove to heather, shades of gray are an ideal option for adding beauty to bath spaces. Because of its sophistication and versatility, this refined color scheme gives you plenty of room to play with your own style.


The bath space is where most wind down after working all week. But, the possibilities for your bath space don’t have to stop there. With the right colour and lighting as a backdrop, the bath can also be highly invigorating. Candles can be a simple and cost-effective option for creating a romantic and relaxing bath. Scented candles can also influence your mood, from the soothing effects of lavender to the uplifting energy of lemon. But for a relaxing soak, dimmer lights offer ambience and versatility. You may also consider installing LED lighting strips under vanity mirrors or shelves.

Introducing the Wave & Spa Freestanding baths...

What makes the perfect bath? For some it’s slipping into steaming hot water, for others a cool quick dip to awaken the senses, or a luxuriously long, sud-filled soak. When it comes to the ideal accompaniments - candles, wine, music, the list is almost endless. No matter how you enjoy your bath, Waters Baths of Ashbourne believe that it should be exceptional every time. That’s why we bring together traditional qualities, such as hand-finishing, contemporary styling, innovative manufacturing techniques and premium quality materials. Waters Baths of Ashbourne are a brand with a reputation for creating beautiful and contemporary freestanding baths. Since 2011 we have been driven with a passion to create spectacular centre piece freestanding baths, we are committed to deliver stunning, quality, distinctive products with an un-paralleled customer service, and after extensive development we are pleased to announce two new exciting additions to our popular i-Line collection, the Slip and Spa freestanding baths.

Breathe deeply as you immerse yourself in Slip. Deeper at one end so you can lie back and enjoy unprecedented relaxation. Indulge yourself with a glass of wine, lower the lights and soak away the stresses of your day. Spoil yourself in our luxury Spa bath – Set aside an evening of rejuvenation, relaxation and self rewarding peace and quiet creating an intimate environment for you and your thoughts. With beautiful curves and a supporting heightened ends the Spa bath is an ideal addition to your bathroom. These two new freestanding baths use the same quality materials that all our baths are made from which is100% Lucite acrylic material, to BS/EN standard colour regulations ensuring it fits seamlessly with other items in your bathroom and its fully UV stable and abrasion resistant, ensuring a long life.

The launch of the two new stunning models added to the popular i-Line collection of freestanding baths., are the first exciting additions since the initial launch, the new models will slot straight in with the existing i-Line models. The i-Line baths are ergonomically designed to hug your back and support your shoulders and their super thin design allows for even deeper levels of submersion - meaning no cold toes or knees - making it perfect to sooth aching limbs. As the ultimate statement in quality and style, our baths are always inspirational and recommended by architects, specifiers and interior designers. By choosing a freestanding bath from Waters Baths of Ashbourne, rest-assured you’ve made an investment that will last a lifetime.

Baths versus Showers: Speed over Luxury?

Baths are beginning to look like a thing of the past. An entire room dedicated to a bath is no longer necessary and truthfully a waste of space. Baths take too long for the modern generation, use too much water, and take up too much space. The phrase ‘Ill jump in the shower’ springs to mind excuse the pun, but there doesn’t seem to be space for ‘I’m off for a long soak’ anymore. However stop and think for a second, if it was taken away would you miss it? A Bath is a luxurious experience that deserves to be savored and enjoyed; a bath is a well-earned treat, and not to be considered a chore.

Baths have so many more advantages than a shower, apart from space and time savers are showers really enjoyable? The misconception that a shower is more efficient is also factually inadequate as some modern showers waste so much water, it would actually be better off filling the bathtub. In fact in some modern homes found that power showers use twice as much energy and hot water as a bath. An average 8-minute shower is just the same as filling a bath three quarters full with hot water.

A Freestanding bath is the perfect choice every time they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, from large to compact. A single ended freestanding bath has one straight edge, designed so that the bath can be positioned flush against a wall. This style is particularly useful for smaller bathrooms as it gives the freestanding look without the need for floor space all around. If it was a choice between the shower and the bath, go for comfort luxury and quality every time and choose a luxury freestanding bathtub from Waters Baths of Ashbourne.

The Perfect Bubble Bath

If like many, you have invested heavily in turning your bathroom into your own personal sanctuary with a glorious freestanding bath, luxury towel warmers, a plethora of matching accessories and scented candles, all in search of the relaxing bath experience, then you need to make sure your getting the most out of your new found haven. To gain the ultimate bathing experience experiment with what works for you, choose a selection of relaxing scents, but no what works best and when to use them. Certain scents such as mint are meant to be stimulating and are best used in the morning when you might be in need of a refreshing bathing experience.

Scents like lavender and chamomile are intended to be relaxing and are a much better choice for your night time bath. You can use scented bath salts or a few drops of essential oil to infuse your bath water with your desired scent. Pay attention to lighting, less is more. Less lighting the better, turn the lights off and use candles to provide a dim and relaxing backdrop. It’s even better if you match your candle scent to your bath scent. If you add lavender essential oil to your bath, use lavender-scented candles as well.


Freestanding Bath Taps

Choosing a freestanding bath can often seem like a step into the unknown, an unnerving choice, with a lot of the homes of today space is quite often at a premium. Whilst a lot of freestanding baths on the market today will use a lot of space within a bathroom, there are significant amounts of options that are designed for smaller bathroom spaces.

Freestanding baths are exceptionally adaptable in lending themselves to the particular design aesthetic of the bathroom they’re placed in. A traditional bathroom design, roll top baths look stunning when placed in the centre of a room. If you’re attempting a minimalist and contemporary designed bathroom, pick a freestanding bath with sleek curves and a pure white finish. The key to making a freestanding bath work in a contemporary themed bathroom space is to choose the right co-ordinating bath taps.

Freestanding bath taps provide both style and functionality to the everyday bathroom as they continue to prove to be an essential addition. An increasing amount of homeowners are opting to invest in freestanding baths for both modern and traditional bathrooms, as they provide the user with a truly luxurious and relaxing bathroom experience. Deck mounted bath taps are a great choice if there is enough room on the edges of your freestanding bath for tap holes to be drilled and deck taps to be fitted. They’re the most common type of bath tap on the market today and will always be seen attached to the baths edge in standard straight and double ended baths.

If you have a freestanding bath that sits comfortably next to an adjacent wall then wall mounted bath taps might just be the choice for you. The benefit of having wall mounted bath taps is that almost all fittings and pipework are hidden neatly in the wall, allowing you to have a fully concealed bath mixer tap set or bath filler spout. Although potentially a costly choice, freestanding bath taps look utterly stunning when paired with a freestanding or roll top bath. Freestanding bath taps are usually mounted firmly to the floor, concealing pipework and other fittings, and raised by sleek shrouds to the height of the bath they are a real show stopping bathroom accessory.

Freestanding Bathtubs

The freestanding bathtub. A stunning luxury, not always suitable - When a freestanding tub has to double as a shower it can be tough, with limited space for standing. However, if you have the room for a bathtub that's separate go for it. There are plenty of gorgeous new freestanding bathtubs on the market, and loads of vintage beauties if you are looking to create a period haven.

But why choose a freestanding bathtub? Here are just a few reasons why: Design, Freestanding bathtubs are distinctive. These large bathtubs create a superb statement when incorporated in a bathroom design. In some cases, the tubs themselves can become the focal point of the space. Traditionally, these types of bathtubs are identified with a single design: a large deep tub with feet, resembling that of an old Victorian style bath. Over time, an increasing number of models and designs have been made available on the market to accommodate different types of users.

There are traditional and contemporary baths in a variety of shapes, lengths, depths and materials. There are roll tops, oval, square shaped tubs and more. Made up of a variety of materials Baths are made from a variety of materials including stone, cast iron, wood and acrylic. Complimentary plumbing fixtures such as taps, showerheads and enclosures can be purchased and installed to create a consistent theme for the space. Having a freestanding tub installed in the bathroom is a fast way to renovate the look of the bathroom. It can also be used as an asset. If the homeowner decides to sell the house in the future, the freestanding tub can help increase the value of the home and make it more enticing for buyers.

Why Choose a Freestanding Bath

The Freestanding Bath tub is a beautiful luxury, certainly not the typical feature in a standard bathroom. However, if you are looking at a change from the standard three-piece white suite seen in most bathrooms, then perhaps its time to reconsider your bathing options. Gone are the days of heavy freestanding baths that required reinforced floors, and now a large influx of bathtubs come in a variety of sizes, materials and shapes give you a total new outlook on choice.

The benefit of a luxury freestanding bathtub over a traditional style bath is that you aren’t restricted to a particular position for it. For example with a lot of more conventional baths, you have to choose one that fits to a certain side of your bathroom as they generally only have one side which has been designed for getting in and out of whilst the other has been designed to sit flush against a wall. A freestanding bath allows you to put it anywhere in the room so feel free to put it right in the centre to create a centrepiece for the bathroom. When it comes to selecting a freestanding bath, there are more design options available to you. This is not only because bathroom designers enjoy designing more elaborate freestanding baths, but also because traditionally it was these types of baths that were installed into grand homes so there are a number of antique and vintage options available too.

A Freestanding bath can offer you a immersive bathing experience, which offers a perfect opportunity to slip into a deep bath filled with bubbles for a more luxurious bathing experience. Freestanding baths tend to be filled to the top allowing you to spend hours relaxing in tranquility. Another advantage of putting a freestanding bath in your home is that it makes a real style statement. Typically associated with luxurious hotels and those swanky New York apartments, a freestanding bath makes a statement. Whatever your reason for choosing a freestanding bath for your bathroom, there are a wide range of styles and sizes now available allowing you to make the choice that suits your needs and perfect for your home.

Introducing the 1500mm range of luxury freestanding baths from Waters Baths of Ashbourne

Create a stunning bathroom centrepiece in the smallest of bathrooms...


So you decide to give the smallest (in most cases) room in the house a makeover, the bathroom. Fantastic decision as a contemporary bathroom makeover can often be a brilliant investment both on the property value and the ability to relax and unwind in a luxurious freestanding bath after a hard days work. These days, choosing a new style for your bathroom is not so easy, as there are so many beautiful and varied styles to choose from. Size is often a deciding factor when it comes to bathroom suites, but is bigger always better?

The new range of Waters Freestanding Luxury baths now come in a fantastic compact size of 1500mm in the Pool, Stream, Marsh and Brook models. With a versatile range of designs, the 1500 freestanding bath is perfect as a centerpiece for any bathroom. A 1500mm Waters freestanding bath is big in volume but takes up only a small area in the bathroom, perfect for those homes short on space. The benefit of a freestanding bath is that if you don’t want a standard bathtub that has to be fixed against a wall, you can easily position a freestanding bath anywhere, which means it can even be put in the middle of the bathroom, providing plumbing for the waste can go through the floor.

When you decide to order a freestanding bath you will realize what a fantastic investment you have made for your bathroom and furthermore as an investment to add value to your home. Because most Luxury Freestanding baths are a brilliant white, you can match it with any wallpaper or paint, and it will never look out of place. Furthermore Waters Baths of Ashbourne are currently working on a range of exclusive colour models of their most popular ranges such as the Pool, Brook and Stream. Due to the fact that the Waters Baths of Ashbourne freestanding baths are widely sought after these days, you can find a wide range of styles in a select number of bathroom showrooms, to find your nearest showroom you can use the Dealer locator on the Waters Baths of Ashbourne website.

Waters Baths of Ashbourne have also teamed up with Real Homes Magazine to celebrate the launch of the new 1500mm i-Line collection of freestanding baths. Suited to smaller spaces, and a show-stopping centrepiece to any bathroom project. The new designs let you indulge in the bath you always wanted, in the space that you have available. One lucky winner will receive a luxurious pamper package worth £250 to melt away the stress of the day. This includes a wicker hamper filled with luxury bath oils, a fluffy bathrobe, a bottle of bubbly and a box of divine Belgian chocolates!

Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air and with a new year fast upon us, now is most certainly the time for a bathroom renovation. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to create an entirely new bathroom suite or instead just wish to make some minor alterations to a few accessories – even maybe give it a fresh coat of paint, giving your rest room a fresh lease of life is an essential part of keeping your home both attractive and comfortable.

The bathroom in particular along with the Kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house, and therefore particular care and consideration must be taken when creating fresh design ideas to incorporate into this popular space.

A well designed décor really can make the biggest difference to your bathroom space, regardless of whether you’re looking to create a modern contemporary rest room or something a little more classic and traditional in an older home.

The most important aspects to remember when revitalising your bathroom are as follows:

  • Colour Schemes: Probably the most important factor to take into account is the colour scheme that will suit your bathroom best. Whites and creams are both popular options for both modern and traditional bathrooms, and pastoral tones such as blues and greens are often used to add a fresh feel to the surroundings.
  • Ceramics and Furniture: You will also need to pay close attention to what you include and how much space it is likely to take up. It’s essential that anything you add to your bathroom doesn’t make it feel overly cramped or claustrophobic, all whilst co-ordinating nicely with the colour scheme you have chosen.
  • Accessories: The final piece of the jigsaw is adding the right accessories to give your bathroom a complete and continuous style that should never be underrated. Small additions such as taps, wall hung accessories, towel rails and the correct flooring are now all available in a massive range of shapes and styles to ensure that they co-ordinate with the style you want to achieve.

Regardless of the changes you choose to make, it’s really important to create a thorough plan of action before any work commences, as this can often result in minor renovation disasters. Create a detailed plan of the measurements of the space that you have available, and pencil in the fixtures you wish to include to generate a rough idea of the general layout of your new space.