Introducing the 1500mm range of luxury freestanding baths from Waters Baths of Ashbourne

Create a stunning bathroom centrepiece in the smallest of bathrooms...


So you decide to give the smallest (in most cases) room in the house a makeover, the bathroom. Fantastic decision as a contemporary bathroom makeover can often be a brilliant investment both on the property value and the ability to relax and unwind in a luxurious freestanding bath after a hard days work. These days, choosing a new style for your bathroom is not so easy, as there are so many beautiful and varied styles to choose from. Size is often a deciding factor when it comes to bathroom suites, but is bigger always better?

The new range of Waters Freestanding Luxury baths now come in a fantastic compact size of 1500mm in the Pool, Stream, Marsh and Brook models. With a versatile range of designs, the 1500 freestanding bath is perfect as a centerpiece for any bathroom. A 1500mm Waters freestanding bath is big in volume but takes up only a small area in the bathroom, perfect for those homes short on space. The benefit of a freestanding bath is that if you don’t want a standard bathtub that has to be fixed against a wall, you can easily position a freestanding bath anywhere, which means it can even be put in the middle of the bathroom, providing plumbing for the waste can go through the floor.

When you decide to order a freestanding bath you will realize what a fantastic investment you have made for your bathroom and furthermore as an investment to add value to your home. Because most Luxury Freestanding baths are a brilliant white, you can match it with any wallpaper or paint, and it will never look out of place. Furthermore Waters Baths of Ashbourne are currently working on a range of exclusive colour models of their most popular ranges such as the Pool, Brook and Stream. Due to the fact that the Waters Baths of Ashbourne freestanding baths are widely sought after these days, you can find a wide range of styles in a select number of bathroom showrooms, to find your nearest showroom you can use the Dealer locator on the Waters Baths of Ashbourne website.

Waters Baths of Ashbourne have also teamed up with Real Homes Magazine to celebrate the launch of the new 1500mm i-Line collection of freestanding baths. Suited to smaller spaces, and a show-stopping centrepiece to any bathroom project. The new designs let you indulge in the bath you always wanted, in the space that you have available. One lucky winner will receive a luxurious pamper package worth £250 to melt away the stress of the day. This includes a wicker hamper filled with luxury bath oils, a fluffy bathrobe, a bottle of bubbly and a box of divine Belgian chocolates!

Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air and with a new year fast upon us, now is most certainly the time for a bathroom renovation. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to create an entirely new bathroom suite or instead just wish to make some minor alterations to a few accessories – even maybe give it a fresh coat of paint, giving your rest room a fresh lease of life is an essential part of keeping your home both attractive and comfortable.

The bathroom in particular along with the Kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house, and therefore particular care and consideration must be taken when creating fresh design ideas to incorporate into this popular space.

A well designed décor really can make the biggest difference to your bathroom space, regardless of whether you’re looking to create a modern contemporary rest room or something a little more classic and traditional in an older home.

The most important aspects to remember when revitalising your bathroom are as follows:

  • Colour Schemes: Probably the most important factor to take into account is the colour scheme that will suit your bathroom best. Whites and creams are both popular options for both modern and traditional bathrooms, and pastoral tones such as blues and greens are often used to add a fresh feel to the surroundings.
  • Ceramics and Furniture: You will also need to pay close attention to what you include and how much space it is likely to take up. It’s essential that anything you add to your bathroom doesn’t make it feel overly cramped or claustrophobic, all whilst co-ordinating nicely with the colour scheme you have chosen.
  • Accessories: The final piece of the jigsaw is adding the right accessories to give your bathroom a complete and continuous style that should never be underrated. Small additions such as taps, wall hung accessories, towel rails and the correct flooring are now all available in a massive range of shapes and styles to ensure that they co-ordinate with the style you want to achieve.

Regardless of the changes you choose to make, it’s really important to create a thorough plan of action before any work commences, as this can often result in minor renovation disasters. Create a detailed plan of the measurements of the space that you have available, and pencil in the fixtures you wish to include to generate a rough idea of the general layout of your new space.

The perfect Freestanding Bath



The perfect Freestanding Bath



Designing your new bathroom around a contemporary freestanding bath tub will provide the room with a stunning focal point. Freestanding baths are perfect for creating a clear centrepiece and can provide the ultimate touch of luxury and style. Freestanding baths ooze relaxation by the way they look and sit in a bathroom suite. Contemporary freestanding baths are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and choosing the one that is right for you, to not only suit the design of your bathroom but ensuring that it meets your tastes and requirements is an important element to get right. Freestanding baths are rapidly increasing in popularity within the bathroom market. More companies are creating new designs and styles to help create a wide range of option for homeowners when wanting to gain the perfect look.

Freestanding baths come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, from large to compact. A double-ended freestanding bath has a central waste so that the taps are in the middle and two can bathe in decadent comfort, although you would be wise to try out the size of the freestanding bath in the showroom. A single ended free standing bath has one straight edge, designed so that the bath can be positioned flush against a wall. This style is particularly useful for smaller bathrooms as it gives the freestanding look without the need for floor space all around.

Get Inspired: Taking Tips from the Rich and Famous to Create a Stylish and Affordable Bathroom

Create a Stylish and Affordable Bathroom

When it comes to creating designer bathroom spaces, people often assume that their budget won’t allow for such extravagant expense such as Freestanding Baths. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Taking tips from perhaps some of the most luxurious home bathrooms around the world, we can go on to create an equally attractive and relaxing space at a fraction of the cost that the rich and famous are likely to have paid for it.

Wet Rooms and Walk in Shower Enclosures

Many people don’t realise that adding a wet room or walk in shower enclosure to your bathroom isn’t necessarily much more expensive than the traditional generic shower enclosure. Potentially made up from just a single glass panel, this type of enclosure adds minimalist, contemporary style for a great price. Accompanied with some water resistant tiled flooring, watch your bathroom transform into a chic, stylish haven fit for a king.

Precise Furniture Placement

You’d be pleasantly surprised at how much the odd chair in the bathroom can make. It adds a truly homely and comfortable feel, with an undeniable touch of luxury. Budget should definitely not be compromised when it comes to bathroom furniture – unfortunately the majority of cheap furniture will look exactly that, cheap and frail. Remember your bathroom furniture will have to last a considerable amount of time, so it’s important to invest in the real deal.

Optimise Open Spaces

Although adding furniture is obviously a necessity, it is important to not get too carried away at the same time. Make the most out of any available space that you do have and avoid cluttering it with unneeded furniture or accessories. The most comfortable bathrooms are both clean and tidy; make sure you have storage space available to hide away any unsightly bathroom products.

Illuminate and Reflect

Bathroom spaces should also be well lit to make them more comfortable. A brightly lit bathroom will also benefit from the reflections of clean and clear ceramics. Adding a large mirror to your bathroom in addition to this can’t be recommended enough, playing a vital role in the reflection of both natural and artificial lighting.

Whichever style you choose to incorporate in your bathroom design ideas, remember to avoid over complicating it for the perfectly designed contemporary bathroom space.

Useful Bathroom Design Ideas and Suggestions

With the huge selection of interior design publications on the market, selecting the right bathroom fixtures and fittings can sometimes seem like a daunting prospect. At Splash Bathrooms we try our best to provide imagery that will help inspire your next bathroom choice and give you practical bathroom design ideas. However, looking at the main aspects of bathroom design in a little more detail might also help you fine tune your search even more:

Making the most of the Space

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes and utilizing the space properly has one of the largest impacts on your bathroom’s overall aesthetic. I’m sure many of us have been to friends’ homes or perhaps rented accommodation where you open a drawer to find that it bangs against the open door. Other examples include doors that open and bang into the sink. In either case these are design flaws that many are surely keen to avoid. Help is at hand though and we provide an online bathroom planner that allows you to accurately design your bathroom’s layout, meaning no surprises when it comes to fitting.

Colour Scheme

Again the colour scheme has a large bearing on the way a room feels and considering how the colour of the tiles and paint you choose will contrast with your fittings is very important. White walls and porcelain tiles combined with white bathroom fittings can look clinical. However colours that contrast too much can give the room a smaller appearance. Striking a balance is important but that doesn’t mean you can’t be bold with colour choice, just test that the colours work first before reaching for the paint brush.

Taps and Fittings

Taps and fixtures can often be overlooked and people can be forgiven in thinking that a taps just a tap! With the huge variety of designs though, having the right taps can actually transform the way a sink or bath looks. In addition to the aesthetic qualities, you should also consider how they function. With water fall styles, economy, water saving styles and taps that divide the water up in to precise jets you have to consider how they’ll be used.

Showers, Baths, Basins and Toilets

Considering the main ingredients of any bathroom, selecting the right baths, basins and toilets is an essential. With basins you have to take into account how often you intend to clean them and glass basins for example show up toothpaste marks much more than porcelain sinks. Baths come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes ranging from corner baths to L-shaped baths that are designed specifically for bathrooms that have space issues. Showers again come in walk in and closed door styles, depending on how you want to use them and the space you have available.

Generating Your Own Designer Bathroom Suite Ideas

Generating Your Own Designer Bathroom Suite Ideas

Not everyone can afford to employ an interior designer to generate a stylish bathroom space. A lot of people also may not be able to afford the costs that come with installing an expensive designer bathroom suite. Luckily there are a few methods that can be used to create a bathroom that still reflects stylish class but won’t cost you a small fortune in the process.

Before you go on the hunt for your latest bathroom suite, careful considerations need to be made to ensure you purchase one that will remain stylish and that you will continue to enjoy for years to come.

Stay Minimalist

Expensive designer bathrooms won’t look busy or cluttered; instead they will look immaculate and perfectly styled. This is possibly the most important aspect to remember when designing your own bathroom space by yourself. Measuring out your space thoroughly is crucial, allowing you to purchase furniture and ceramics that will fit perfectly and not give a cramped and claustrophobic feel.

Compact ceramics and furniture are not only suitable for en-suite and cloakroom bathrooms, they can also create a spacious feel in larger bathrooms, saving space for a larger shower enclosure or perhaps a floor standing bath.

Create Some Light

Bathroom lighting is incredibly under rated. Dark bathrooms are neither comfortable nor welcoming, and therefore ample bathroom lighting should be installed to create a designer and refreshing feeling in the bathroom. Spotlights, wall lights and mirrors with lights included are a great way of creating a refreshing and welcoming space. The more lighting that you provide in your bathroom, the more it will reflect from your gleaming ceramics and accessories, giving a clean and hygienic feel as well.

Although, this may not be as energy efficient as it should be, investing in energy saving light bulbs as well as carefully monitoring your electrical usage is a great way of not only keeping your bills to a minimum, but also saving the environment at the same time.

Trust Technology

Bathroom technology is constantly developing and so are the discounts that are available with it. Integrated radios and clocks with your bathroom cabinet and mirror are the latest trend to hit the bathroom market and don’t necessarily cost a fortune either. Adding a hint of technology to your bathroom projects an obvious designer bathroom style as well as making your rest room experiences even more enjoyable.

Bathroom Design Trend Predictions for 2013

For a fresh 2013, many people are opting to give their bathroom a much-needed face lift for the perfect fresh start. With a series of impressive advancements in bathroom technology and gadgets as well as varying trends depending on budget and personal preference, there has never been a more exciting time to invest in a new bathroom suite.

Bolder Statements

With such a variety of options available when it comes to bathroom design ideas, people are opting for some bolder designs to make their bathroom stand out from the crowd as oppose to the everyday minimalist, contemporary bathroom. Freestanding baths and walk in shower enclosures are sure to become the centrepieces of those bathrooms which have space to accommodate such luxuries.

Smarter Designs

Bathroom designers are also looking to incorporate better space saving solutions into especially small bathrooms that are struggling for space. A rise in sleek and chic wall hung cabinets should be expected as home owners look to create tidy and organised spaces. The bathroom market is seeing a constant stream of fresh and innovative storage ideas to create cool, contemporary bathroom spaces.

Less conventional spaces such as bath storage panels and inset shelves are being increasingly utilised to hide away the never ending supply of unsightly bathroom products such as spare shampoos, toilet rolls, lotions and so on.

Go Green

The design of the bathroom is being influenced to allow more Eco friendly methods to be introduced. For example, water-saving taps and dual flush cisterns are becoming increasingly popular as people look to make savings on water usage. Energy saving light bulbs are no recent addition to the lighting market, but an increasing amount of people are looking to add them to their bathrooms to save as much electricity as possible.

So what can we assume that will happen in the future of bathroom designs and renovations? With a sharp increase in the modernisation of bathroom technology, we can expect the vast majority of recently developed bathrooms to feature a number of the latest luxury bathroom gadgets and technology.

Luxury Bathrooms – 5 Steps To Achieving Your Goal

Whilst bathrooms play a very important role in our lives, it doesn’t mean that they must to be designed solely for practical purposes.  Soaking in the bath tub is of course a great way to unwind and many homeowners take up this option at the end of a hard day’s work.  Of course, relaxing is always easier when you are in plush surroundings. As a result we are seeing an increasing number of homeowners looking to install luxury bathrooms. But what makes a great luxury bathroom?

Luxury Bathrooms

A nice tub

The first stage of your process should be to find a bathtub that provides a bit of indulgence. Perhaps you will opt for a bath with a Jacuzzi system fitted and let the bubbles massage away your stresses?  Or maybe you prefer a larger bath that is big enough for two people to share such as a freestanding bath tub? Whichever option you decide on; be sure not to go overboard and choose a model that is too big for the room. Otherwise you may end up with a cluttered look that destroys the relaxing vibe you are aiming for.

Beautiful sink

Whilst you are never going to climb in the sink for a quick dip at the end of the day, the item is a very important piece in the bathroom.  The sink is a place where both women and men undertake almost ritualistic acts, such as removing makeup and having a shave. So if you have enough scope to incorporate a larger sink, then do so. You will find that the extra space can make these tasks more relaxing and will also appreciate the extra elbow room when someone else decides to brush their teeth at the same time as you. Also, make sure that you purchase quality taps for the sink and bathtub to complete its aesthetical appeal. If going for a Freestanding bath, floor standing taps can give a bathroom an instant wow factor and should always be considered if the room is available.

Tiling options

There are a huge range of bathroom tiles now available. In most cases, those looking to create luxury bathrooms will opt for the natural stone choice. Granite and marble both deliver a striking look that will last for decades. However, they do of course come at a high retail price. For a more affordable option you could consider travertine tiles; which look just as luxurious, but cost substantially less.


Selecting your fixtures will help add the finishing touches to your bathroom design. For example, a nice heated chrome towel rail can both look great and provide a warm towel when you finally decide to get out of the bath. Additionally, a large mirror on one of the walls can help to make the bathroom feel more spacious than it actually is.


The final factor to consider in your luxury bathroom is a suitable lighting option. Obviously you want there to be enough light so that you can see what you are doing, without there being so much that is detracts from the relaxing vibe. So go for midrange bulbs that offer a nice warm colour rather than a clinical bright white or blue. You may also wish to consider a separate fitting around the mirror, so that you have the option of extra light when you need it.

What Are Designer Bathrooms?

The title of this blog post might seem obvious, but actually trying to define what a designer bathroom consists of is perhaps more difficult than you might at first think. With a wealth of modern bathroom designs available that have a designer feel, what actually makes a bathroom go from attractive or stylish to designer? Looking at design publications for help it seems that everything from the futuristic to the abstract can be made to look special and even retro bathrooms with 70’s inspired coloured porcelain when photographed well could be labelled under the designer mould. Here then are suggestions as to how you can achieve a designer bathroom look:

Breaking Away From The Norm

Perhaps it’s doing something a little different that helps to define the term 'designer'. If you look at the celebrity bathrooms featured on programs such as MTV’s Cribs, their bathrooms would often feature innovative ideas such as LCD televisions, set behind a glass panel above the bath or walk in showers combined with steam room features. While a celebrity will often have a huge budget to play with, these design ideas can be scaled down. Other areas such as lighting can be used to great effect. A fresh modern bathroom suite will look great with regular lighting, but using a combination of spot lighting and floor lighting gives it a more unique, designer look.

Bold Is Beautiful

Another technique that helps homeowners to achieve the designer look is to not be afraid of bold colour choices. There’s a temptation to paint all the walls a natural beige or cream colour, but instead why not try adding a feature wall? You could paint 3 walls of a four walled room white, with the fourth being a deep purple or sumptuous burgundy. Selecting bold colours that work well with the white bathroom fittings can deliver a striking effect.