Creating the Perfect Bathroom

Designing your new bathroom around a contemporary freestanding bath tub will provide the room with a stunning focal point. Freestanding baths are perfect for creating a clear centrepiece and can provide the ultimate touch of both luxury and style. Freestanding baths ooze relaxation by the way they look and sit in a bathroom suite. Contemporary freestanding baths are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and choosing the one that is right for you, to not only suit the design of your bathroom but ensuring that it meets your tastes and requirements is an important element to get right. Freestanding baths are rapidly increasing in popularity within the bathroom market. More companies are creating new designs and styles to help create a wide range of option for homeowners when wanting to gain the perfect look.

Freestanding baths come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, from large to compact. A double-ended freestanding bath has a central waste so that the taps are in the middle and two can bathe in comfort, although you would be wise to try out the size of the freestanding bath in the showroom. A single ended free standing bath has one straight edge, designed so that the bath can be positioned flush against a wall. This style is particularly useful for smaller bathrooms as it gives the freestanding look without the need for floor space all around.

The Freestanding Bath tub is a beautiful luxury, certainly not the typical feature in a standard bathroom. However, if you are looking at a change from the standard three-piece white suite seen in most bathrooms, then perhaps its time to reconsider your bathing options. Gone are the days of heavy freestanding baths that required reinforced floors, and now a large influx of bathtubs come in a variety of sizes, materials and shapes give you a total new outlook on choice.

A Freestanding bath can offer you a immersive bathing experience, which offers a perfect opportunity to slip into a deep bath filled with bubbles for a more luxurious bathing experience. Freestanding baths tend to be filled to the top allowing you to spend hours relaxing in tranquility. Another advantage of putting a freestanding bath in your home is that it makes a real style statement. Typically associated with luxurious hotels and those swanky New York apartments, a freestanding bath makes a statement. Whatever your reason for choosing a freestanding bath for your bathroom, there are a wide range of styles and sizes now available allowing you to make the choice that suits your needs and perfect for your home.

The Modern Bathroom

The growing influence of the East on design and interiors has meant that dark, rich wooden floors and fittings are back in fashion. Although luxury is the same across every continent, the east is really very different from the west. Oriental or Asian decorating styles and concepts have a classical appeal. Many designers promote a cold Zen atmosphere with beautiful visuals and subtle nods to ancient traditions. With many fast paced lifestyles a little peace is always welcome, and we all need a moment to relax.


Our chaotic homes should be rich with Buddha sculptures, which have become equally as popular in Western homes for many well-known reasons. The bathroom is a place where you should be able to relax and recharge your batteries. On the other hand expensive wood versus cold and white background gives a sense of calm and relaxed atmosphere. Contemporary bathroom suites are more modern in appearance frequently taking more of an angular form. Instead of pedestal basins with cross-head taps, contemporary-style sinks can be expected to include more cutting-edge tap designs such as waterfall or mixer taps and more modern basin styles, such as wall-mounted or countertop basins where the sinks become a strong focal point. Contemporary suites are also more likely to include bath designs such as our Spring freestanding bath from the i-Line collection. The i-Line and Linear range in particular are suitable for a contemporary bathroom. While colour schemes may still include classic white units, you may find them combined with starker contrasts such as dark wood surrounds and furniture or bold and bright accent colours.

Natural Colours for your bathroom

Get the most out of your bathroom this October with natural colours. The end of 2014 seems to produce nature-inspired hues, bringing fresh life to today’s bathrooms, making them feel more like spas and less like unexciting spaces. If your bath could use a colour lift, dare to be different and browse from an earth-toned palette rather than traditional bathroom colours. With the correct colour palette and a general clean it will leave your space looking elegant, luxurious and anything but predictably neutral. For a balance of tranquility and energy, pick a shade of blue that’s not too saturated, and pair it with white. For a modern look that’s also inviting, use blues in dark or light shades as the backdrop for a rectangular bathtub such as the Pool freestanding bath from Waters Baths.

From soft dove to heather, it’s like 50 shades of Gray, Gray is an ideal option for adding beauty to bath spaces. Because of its sophistication and versatility, this chic colour scheme gives you plenty of room to play with your own style. One feel-good option is to balance cool grays with colours and materials that have organic roots, like wood cabinets and wooden floor tiles. The Wave freestanding bath uses the stunning Downpipe from the Farrow & Ball collection to create this truly stunning bathroom. If you want to go bold, go black. Black is versatile, It makes a dramatic impact. And it can look very high-end, particularly as an accent colour. For a more standout look, go big with black walls and streamlined décor. Choose one statement-making piece in black, like a freestanding bathtub, that you can integrate into an otherwise light and airy room. Metallic finishes like chrome and brass can add to the wow factor of your bath space. Chrome is sleek, modern and versatile. Brass is unique, edgy and vintage.

A key trend for bathrooms is dark wood effect porcelain floor tiling. With many realistic imitation wood patterns to choose from offering all the warmth of wood with the practical features creates the ideal combination for your bathroom. For a modern result, why not use the same tiles on your floor and walls, to give a fluid, cladding effect. Spa inspired bathrooms are the big thing, combining boutique style décor, refined bathroom furniture and bathroom accessories to create an enjoyable and comfortable room to spend time in. Forget the clinical style bathroom the spa inspired bathroom is all about combining colour and comfort.


The Perfect Bath

A warm bath is perfect hydrotherapy, and despite the fact you probably already enjoy a nice hot bath, you may not be benefiting its full therapeutic potential. To get the most out of a hot soak, you need to understand the benefits and what it’s doing for you. A hot bath is calming and relaxing, especially in a larger freestanding bathtub with more room to spread out to maximize your relaxation, you can drift away from your troubles. The key is heat, not having the bath too hot as this actually has a negative effect on your body getting your nervous system revved up, and thus the relaxation is a bit of an illusion. In fact many people often struggle to sleep well after a particularly hot bath, enduring intense heat can be tiring. Your circulatory system has to do a lot of work to cope with high temperatures. A warm bath can be used as an effective treatment for certain kinds of muscular aches and pains. Immersing yourself in hot water can do something for aching muscles as warm skin relaxes the muscles.

A hot bath can be great for lower back pain despite the misconceptions; the majority of low back pain is essentially muscular in nature. Specifically, the cause of most back pain is knots in your muscles, which can cause far more grief than most people realise and yet they are relatively treatable. For the ultimate therapeutic bathing experience spend some time choosing your perfect bath. Waters Baths of Ashbourne offer three stunning collections; each freestanding bath has a personality that can add the final touches to your bathroom so it captivates the attention of all who enter. If you are searching for a truly immersive bathing experience, then look no further than the stunning i-Line collection created using Lucite Acrylic. Each bath in the range has something to offer and is customized to fit even in the smallest of spaces, without compromising any of the internal space.

The Elements stone collection is the pinnacle of perfection and the six Elements Stone freestanding baths are the ultimate luxury, all of the baths are made from natural materials and are styled with an ‘Infinity’ matt white finish so they look at home in all  bathroom styles across the globe. Alternatively, you may choose something a little simpler, yet classy, in which case the Linear range would ideally suit your needs, with all baths in the Linear range being developed with the philosophy of the bath you want, in the space you have. This allows you to have a luxury freestanding bath in the space your bathroom permits, and with the extra 80mm profile edge allowing you to add taps to the side of the bath like a conventional bath, this bath can be installed back to wall, or as a centerpiece making the Linear collection truly diverse.

All of the i-Line and Linear baths are made from Genuine Lucite™ Acrylic, which is an innovative material that is UV stable and colour fast, so that discoloration becomes something of the past. The permanent thickness of the material ensures that deflection never occurs during usage, whilst its trademark strength means that all of our baths have a luxurious, long lasting abrasion resistant finish.

The Elements stone freestanding bath & basin collection

For absolute bathing luxury look no further than the Elements stone freestanding bath and basin collection from Waters Baths of Ashbourne – soft comfortable shapes designed to insulate and cocoon you. Made from natural materials that have taken millions of years to form. Presented in a sublime "Infinity" matt white finish to complement the most stylish bathrooms in luxury homes and boutique hotels around the world. The Elements collection of freestanding baths from Waters Baths of Ashbourne is created using DQ Cast, a unique mixture of Quartz and Limestone. Superior in strength to acrylic or cast iron, and hand polished to an infinity matt white, providing an inviting and relaxing tone to all of our Elements baths. DQ Casts’ natural formula ensures all Elements baths keep your water warmer longer, do not flex or creek and are suitable for everyday family use. Each Elements baths comes with a lifetime consumer guarantee.

The Elements stone baths feature six unique designs each with its own distinctive style and appeal. The Luna is a striking circular bath that will surround you with beautiful curves at every turn, the Haze bath is deep, sleek and the epitome of chic a really deep long bath perfect for a long soak at the end of the day. The Mist bath is the deepest bath in the range and is perfect for long soaks and is certainly a spacious bath despite its relatively short length. The Ellipse and Dawn baths feature elegant curves and utter relaxation the baths are both over 1700mm long giving a completely submerged bathing experience. The Cloud freestanding bath completes the Elements bath range and is a real statement piece, a stunning bath that really stands out. Each Elements bath in the collection comes complete with matching freestanding basin.

The Elements Collection from Waters Baths of Ashbourne is available now. Visit to view our extensive Spec Sheets and download information on the new range and also view our Find a Showroom page to locate your nearest showroom dealer who will be able to give you all the information you need on Waters Baths of Ashbourne and the products available

The perfect setting for your freestanding bath...

The bathroom plays a fundamental role in everyone’s daily routine however the bathroom is often given little or no thought in regards to the appearance of this indispensable room. Your environment can have an enormous effect on your mood, so you should give careful thought to the atmosphere you’re creating. To feel at your best, you should give careful consideration to the interior décor of your home in general, but it is especially important in the bathroom. The foundation of any bathroom’s style is always its suite after all this is what will define your bathroom. Naturally other aspects such as lighting and colour are important however they simply build on the style outlined by the features and shapes of your bathroom suite. It’s absolutely essential to choose wisely. There are two main trends in bathroom suite styles contemporary and traditional, its here where you begin to define the style of the bathroom your creating.

Traditional bathroom suites aim to combine a comfortable yet classic look with reliable modern mechanisms. Traditional-style suites create a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere with softer edges and more rounded features that fit seamlessly into your home. They also generally contain more conventional design elements, such as crosshead taps, slipper baths, sink pedestals, traditional-style materials and close coupled or chain flush toilets. Waters Baths of Ashbourne have a selection of freestanding bathtubs that would suite a traditional styled bathroom such as the Wave freestanding bath from the i-Line collection.

Contemporary bathroom suites are more modern in appearance frequently taking more of an angular form. Instead of pedestal basins with cross-head taps, contemporary-style sinks can be expected to include more cutting-edge tap designs such as waterfall or mixer taps and more modern basin styles, such as wall-mounted or countertop basins where the sinks become a strong focal point. Contemporary suites are also more likely to include bath designs such as our Spring freestanding bath from the i-Line collection. The i-Line and Linear range in particular are suitable for a contemporary bathroom. While colour schemes may still include classic white units, you may find them combined with starker contrasts such as dark wood surrounds and furniture or bold and bright accent colours.

The Elements collection from Waters Baths of Ashbourne

No one can deny the appeal of freestanding baths, after all they are quite simply stunning a real centrepiece and statement of luxury. With advancements in design, styling and material choice gone are the days when a huge bathroom and bank balance to match were needed. A Freestanding bath without question is undeniably beautiful and can instantly add a touch of glamour and elegance to any bathroom, but precisely what are they and how do they differ from a typically standard bath? To put it simply, a freestanding bath is a stand-alone bath, which sits either directly on the floor or is mounted on feet without being attached to a supporting wall structure.

For most people, when you envisage a freestanding bath you imagine it to be the focal point of a bathroom with plenty of space all around it. That is still true to an extent as most freestanding baths are installed away from the wall, however, with the variety of sizes and styles now available, space isn’t quite the issue that it used to be. Indeed, there are designs that do allow the bath to be located along a wall even though the base of the bath is away from it. Freestanding baths tend to fall within two distinct categories traditional and contemporary. This isn’t a rigid definition as some baths have elements of both within their design. Traditional freestanding baths have that period feel about them and consist of slipper baths and roll top baths, whereas a contemporary freestanding bath tends to focus on shape and minimalistic charm.

Waters Baths new range of Elements stone freestanding baths are a perfect example of contemporary luxury manufactured using DQ Cast a material that is a unique mixture of crushed Quartz and Limestone, naturally formed millions of years ago. Mixed with modern polymers and UV stabilizers to form a material stronger than granite. Unlike real stone or other solid surface products DQ Cast has no gel coat and is free from fissures, veins or other imperfections that could compromise strength or appearance. The new Elements stone range is available from mid June with the first three models available: Mist, Haze and Ellipse. The Elements collection is completed in July with the Dawn, Luna and Cloud bath following to complete the Elements collection of six stone baths.

Minimal opulence

A Bathroom is more than just a ‘room’ it’s a tranquil environment of peaceful serenity that should be respected and revered after all this is the room that soaks up all the hard work of the day, and revitalises your tired senses ready to start again.

If your bathroom is a cluttered mess then your relaxation might not go exactly to plan, think about how best you relax because this room needs to be perfect: focus on the surroundings and accessories and keep things to a minimal. Continuing a popular bathroom trend at the moment is the freestanding bath, adding instant glamour and style to your bathroom. Most freestanding baths will fit into a regular sized bathroom without making things look too crammed.

With a large array of design styles to choose from choosing a freestanding bath can often be a harder task than first thought. The key is to choose the style of bathroom you plan on designing and that way you can focus on styles that suit your overall bathroom plan rather than creating a assortment of styles that clash and give your bathroom haven a unbalanced look that ruins the Feng shui you are trying to achieve. You need to decide whether the style you choose is contemporary or traditional as these styles vary dramatically its essential that you pick the style suited to you and accompany major fittings with the correct accessories. 

Creating the perfect stylish bathroom

Not everyone can afford to employ an interior designer to generate a stylish bathroom space. A lot of people also may not be able to afford the costs that come with installing an expensive designer bathroom suite. Luckily there are a few methods that can be used to create a bathroom that still reflects stylish class but won’t cost you a small fortune in the process. Before you go on the hunt for your latest bathroom suite, careful considerations need to be made to ensure you purchase one that will remain stylish and that you will continue to enjoy for years to come. Expensive designer bathrooms won’t look busy or cluttered; instead they will look immaculate and perfectly styled. This is possibly the most important aspect to remember when designing your own bathroom space by yourself. Measuring out your space thoroughly is crucial, allowing you to purchase furniture and ceramics that will fit perfectly and not give a cramped and claustrophobic feel.

The first stage of your process should be to find a bathtub that provides a bit of indulgence. Perhaps you will opt for a bath with a Jacuzzi system fitted and let the bubbles massage away your stresses?  Or maybe you prefer a larger bath that is big enough for two people to share such as a freestanding bathtub? Whichever option you decide on; be sure not to go overboard and choose a model that is too big for the room. Otherwise you may end up with a cluttered look that destroys the relaxing vibe you are aiming for.

Compact ceramics and furniture are not only suitable for en-suite and cloakroom bathrooms, they can also create a spacious feel in larger bathrooms, saving space for a larger shower enclosure or perhaps a floor standing bath. Bathroom lighting is incredibly under rated. Dark bathrooms are neither comfortable nor welcoming, and therefore ample bathroom lighting should be installed to create a designer and refreshing feeling in the bathroom. Spotlights, wall lights and mirrors with lights included are a great way of creating a refreshing and welcoming space. The more lighting that you provide in your bathroom, the more it will reflect from your gleaming ceramics and accessories, giving a clean and hygienic feel as well.

The perfect accessories

A lot of the bathroom design trends for 2014 tend to revolve around keeping things clean, simple and practical. As the place to enjoy some quiet time getting ready in the morning and the space we retreat to at the end of the day for a soak in the tub, the bathroom is a hub of activity in any home. Whether your bathroom needs updates or complete renovation, keeping the space up to a quality standard is one of the best investments you can make in your home, and 2014 is all about seamlessness, functionality and bold accessories. Accessories give your bathroom a new dimension, personality and a sense of character. It’s these details that make the difference to typical bathroom designs and bespoke personalised bathroom havens. With accessories you create a perfect a beautiful bathroom. Bathrooms don't have to be boring - the latest design trend is to treat them as you would any other room when it comes to décor. Hang a sparkling chandelier; choose a stunning freestanding bath, paint floorboards and accessories for a stylish room where you can relax. 

Bathroom lighting is often overlooked and limited to a few down lights in the ceiling. But good lighting can bring simple white room bathroom sets to life. The right lighting controls can create a wide spectrum of atmospheres. Dimmers are a must as they allow you to change the mood of the room for different occasions. The latest trends in bathroom lighting combine an element of halogen light with new technology like energy-saving LED bulbs. Lighting is essential to the mood of your room. Bathroom accessories combine great design and clever functionality that match flawlessly with other items within the bathroom. However they're often overlooked when the finishing touches are being applied. This is a big mistake as it’s this final attention to detail that pulls your design together making your bathroom a pleasure to use. So it makes sense to pay the same amount of thought on them as the rest of your home. Think about somewhere to hang your bath robe while you're taking a shower, a magnified mirror to help apply your makeup in the morning, an imaginative place to display fresh towels, there's a wealth of good looking yet practical solutions to choose from. And to finish your bathroom haven, why not inject a splash of colour and character into your bathroom by choosing brightly coloured towels? Try vibrant colours like warm reds or deep purple as these colours promote warmth and will definitely bring any contemporary bathroom to life.