The Stone Bath, often considered the height of luxury, stone baths do tend to have a special something about them and are often admired by the majority. Stone Baths have developed significantly and are available in a large variety of designs, styles and sizes, and despite first impressions, they are particularly comfortable too! Natural stone baths are believed to go back an estimated 3500 years with Ancient Egyptians said to have built Limestone bathing areas in which servants would pour water over them.

There is evidence on the first freestanding bathtub dating back to 1000 BC in Crete, So with a detailed and long history, is it time you invested in a Stone freestanding bathtub. But why choose Stone? A stone bath is actually far superior when matched to a traditional acrylic bathtub, what’s more a stone product can retain heat up to ten times in comparison to an acrylic counterpart, as well as increased heat retention they are normally more hard-wearing in comparison to an acrylic model.

One of the disadvantages to stone products is sometimes they are heavy and therefore not all houses will be able to have a stone bath fitted, as the floor needs to be able to take substantial weight. However, if you can get past this issue then stone baths are a good choice for many; they will last for many years and chips and scratches can be repaired as they occur. As with many home décor a lot may depend on budget, but remember stone products are a life investment and some manufacturers even offer services in which they tidy up warn looking baths to give them a fresh new look. Whatever you are looking for in a freestanding bathtub you cant go wrong with Stone Bath, look out for Waters Baths of Ashbourne’s new range of Stone products coming in the new year.


September 27, 2013

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