If you have the makeover bug, but not quite enough in your budget to cure it, fear not you can still create a luxury Bathroom retreat. Using current bathroom remodel trends you will be able to create somewhere you’ll want to spend quality time and you can do this by adding simple style with a few simple accessories that also double up to solve your bathroom storage problems. Inexpensive tricks for small room décor can be simple uses of classic themes utilizing textures and colour. Using inspired choices for a classy bathroom makeover take advantage of practical daily solutions with coordinated style. Put your best items on show, placed in complementary bathroom accessories, and store the rest away. You’ll have a simple, well-organized bathroom that not only looks smart, but works spectacularly well too.

Give your bathroom the feeling of a day spa. The ultimate aim in a renovation is to create an oasis, a place to escape from a difficult day and unwind in a personal spa like sanctuary. Display your make-up, nail polishes and lotions neatly in attractive organisers; use matching accessory holders to keep things tidy after all we all know that cosmetics stacked away in drawers can be hard to find. The extra breathing space created in drawers and cabinets means your other bathroom necessities can be better organised too. If you have a small bathroom where cupboards are in short supply, remember that you can always build up rather than out. Use simple shelving that will create instant bathroom storage for towels, add drawers for a tidy finish. Their cool simplicity won’t clash with any colour scheme so they match bathrooms of any style or theme.

What is more luxurious than a freestanding bath? Freestanding bathtubs are the height of fashion and ultimate luxury, and now come in sizes that cater for even the smallest room and come in a whole range of modern and vintage styles. New powerful steam showers, body sprays, and hydro-massage shower heads are fantastic additions to the bathroom alongside stylish towel warmers and heated floors, but is there anything better than a beautiful freestanding bath when it comes to a bathroom makeover?

Why? The beauty of installing a freestanding bath is the lack of hassle associated with its positioning. Unlike a built in tub the homeowner can chose an area to position the bath with ease, providing the necessary pipe work is already in place of course. Unlike alternative styles of baths, these baths range greatly in shape and size, allowing you to choose exactly which one will make the biggest impact on your bathroom. Whether you’re looking to add traditional class or a sense of chic, contemporary style, there is certainly the perfect bath out there for you to create your ultimate Bathroom retreat.

September 06, 2013

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