The Freestanding Bath tub is a beautiful luxury, certainly not the typical feature in a standard bathroom. However, if you are looking at a change from the standard three-piece white suite seen in most bathrooms, then perhaps its time to reconsider your bathing options. Gone are the days of heavy freestanding baths that required reinforced floors, and now a large influx of bathtubs come in a variety of sizes, materials and shapes give you a total new outlook on choice.

The benefit of a luxury freestanding bathtub over a traditional style bath is that you aren’t restricted to a particular position for it. For example with a lot of more conventional baths, you have to choose one that fits to a certain side of your bathroom as they generally only have one side which has been designed for getting in and out of whilst the other has been designed to sit flush against a wall. A freestanding bath allows you to put it anywhere in the room so feel free to put it right in the centre to create a centrepiece for the bathroom. When it comes to selecting a freestanding bath, there are more design options available to you. This is not only because bathroom designers enjoy designing more elaborate freestanding baths, but also because traditionally it was these types of baths that were installed into grand homes so there are a number of antique and vintage options available too.

A Freestanding bath can offer you a immersive bathing experience, which offers a perfect opportunity to slip into a deep bath filled with bubbles for a more luxurious bathing experience. Freestanding baths tend to be filled to the top allowing you to spend hours relaxing in tranquility. Another advantage of putting a freestanding bath in your home is that it makes a real style statement. Typically associated with luxurious hotels and those swanky New York apartments, a freestanding bath makes a statement. Whatever your reason for choosing a freestanding bath for your bathroom, there are a wide range of styles and sizes now available allowing you to make the choice that suits your needs and perfect for your home.

August 12, 2013

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