Create a stunning bathroom centrepiece in the smallest of bathrooms...


So you decide to give the smallest (in most cases) room in the house a makeover, the bathroom. Fantastic decision as a contemporary bathroom makeover can often be a brilliant investment both on the property value and the ability to relax and unwind in a luxurious freestanding bath after a hard days work. These days, choosing a new style for your bathroom is not so easy, as there are so many beautiful and varied styles to choose from. Size is often a deciding factor when it comes to bathroom suites, but is bigger always better?

The new range of Waters Freestanding Luxury baths now come in a fantastic compact size of 1500mm in the Pool, Stream, Marsh and Brook models. With a versatile range of designs, the 1500 freestanding bath is perfect as a centerpiece for any bathroom. A 1500mm Waters freestanding bath is big in volume but takes up only a small area in the bathroom, perfect for those homes short on space. The benefit of a freestanding bath is that if you don’t want a standard bathtub that has to be fixed against a wall, you can easily position a freestanding bath anywhere, which means it can even be put in the middle of the bathroom, providing plumbing for the waste can go through the floor.

When you decide to order a freestanding bath you will realize what a fantastic investment you have made for your bathroom and furthermore as an investment to add value to your home. Because most Luxury Freestanding baths are a brilliant white, you can match it with any wallpaper or paint, and it will never look out of place. Furthermore Waters Baths of Ashbourne are currently working on a range of exclusive colour models of their most popular ranges such as the Pool, Brook and Stream. Due to the fact that the Waters Baths of Ashbourne freestanding baths are widely sought after these days, you can find a wide range of styles in a select number of bathroom showrooms, to find your nearest showroom you can use the Dealer locator on the Waters Baths of Ashbourne website.

Waters Baths of Ashbourne have also teamed up with Real Homes Magazine to celebrate the launch of the new 1500mm i-Line collection of freestanding baths. Suited to smaller spaces, and a show-stopping centrepiece to any bathroom project. The new designs let you indulge in the bath you always wanted, in the space that you have available. One lucky winner will receive a luxurious pamper package worth £250 to melt away the stress of the day. This includes a wicker hamper filled with luxury bath oils, a fluffy bathrobe, a bottle of bubbly and a box of divine Belgian chocolates!

August 07, 2013

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