Spring Freestanding Bath

As one of our most popular products, the Spring freestanding bath from our I-Line collection certainly makes a statement in every bathroom. With the combination of a super-sleek thinness and a beautiful curvaceous design, it comes as no surprise that our Spring bath is proving to be such a big hit for interior designers and home renovators alike.

With a length of 1740mm, this bath not only offers an incredibly stylish finish, but also ample space to unwind and relax after those particularly hard days. This added space combined with the sleek white finish ensures that the Spring freestanding bath gives you more luxurious bathroom experiences than ever before, transforming your home into your very own personal oasis.


The Spring bath offers a spacious bathing area, with a length of 1740mm. Combined with a width of 820mm, the space for bathers is immense, whilst the sleek design ensures that this bath doesn’t overly intrude on the bathroom it is situated in. This is especially important for bathrooms that may already be short of space, and therefore require a stylish yet minimalist freestanding bath to complete their interior.

The I-Line range has become renowned for its slim-line design, and with a beautifully crafted 20mm profile edge, this bath is a breed apart from the older, thicker models of baths that are present in the majority of modern day bathrooms.

Our Promise To You

Complete with a slim-line stainless steel over flow and recessed pop-up waste, the Spring freestanding bath, which is crafted from beautiful Lucite material, comes fully backed by a Waters Baths lifetime guarantee for ultimate peace of mind.

Browse our collection of freestanding bath tubs today to find the perfect addition to your bathroom. Whether you’re looking to go traditional or contemporary, our I-Line and Linear collection offer the perfect bath for every décor.

June 24, 2013

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