Freestanding Baths - Waters Baths When searching for a new bathroom decor  it’s essential to remember that the bath plays a pivotal role in the styling of your rest room space. A combination of elegant curves, gleaming chrome taps and of course a deep, perfectly crafted shape are what make the Waters Baths linear collection such a hit for every home owner.

It doesn't matter whether you’re looking to create a charming traditional space with touches of classic personality, or instead wish to achieve a completely fresh and contemporary modern interior space, we’re confident we have the perfect bath to transform your bathroom. Varying greatly in shape and size, our Linear Collection offers an ideal combination of carefully curved ridges and precise lines and edges to create the perfect bathroom additions. 

Why Choose Linear

Our Linear collection really does offer something for everyone. With a variety of models available, Waters Baths certainly have the perfect bath to create an unmissable centrepiece to your rest room. Features including a gleaming white tone and silky smooth textures aren't only what makes this collection stand out from the crowd, the angular shapes also work wonders in virtually any bathroom space, regardless of the decor that already exists.

Perhaps you can envisage the thick edges and gentle curves of the Willow Freestanding Bath as your favourite space to unwind and relax, or maybe the angular design of the Bracken bath is what comes to mind when picturing the perfect bathroom, either way, we have the perfect addition to your home right here at a fantastic price.

Why Choose Waters Baths

Not only do our collections provide our customers with an incredibly aesthetically pleasing alternative to the standard build in model of bath, both our Linear and I-Line range offer fantastic models of bath to suit every personal preference. Ranging in shape and size, here at Waters Baths we have the perfect freestanding bath solution to transform your everyday rest room into a personal oasis to escape from the stresses of the everyday modern life.

Our baths are so much more than just a home life necessity; they’re a style statement and a completely unique experience, allowing you to enjoy your bath like you've never been able to do before. Browse our collection today to find the perfect bath to transform your home, you may be surprised as to what you might find…

May 23, 2013

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