Many home owners tend to turn towards built in tubs when carrying out a complete bathroom renovation, opting for the tidy installation and minimalist space saving design as oppose to creating a bathroom centrepiece. Although this essentially provides the user with a spacious layout, overall a freestanding bath will prevail when it comes to long term style and a long term pain free maintenance regime.

Why? The real beauty of installing a freestanding bath is the lack of hassle associated with its positioning. Unlike a built in tub, the complication of bath frames and sealants disappears, and instead the home owner can elect an area of placement with ease, as long as the necessary pipe work is already in place.

Choosing a Freestanding Bath

Unlike alternative models of baths, these baths range greatly in shape and size, allowing you to careful decipher which one will make the biggest impact on your bathroom. Whether you’re looking to add traditional class or a sense of chic, contemporary style, there is certainly the perfect bath out there for you.


When electing which bath will suit your restroom best, there a great deal of considerations which need to be made. This type of bath is so much more than your regular wall-side tub. Freestanding models allow you to express your style preferences, whilst also offering a comfortable, spacious bathing experience. These baths vary greatly in a range of aspects, including:

• Shape – Angular or smooth, this type of bath can apply its style to any décor

• Size – Of course homeowners also need to be able to choose a bath that doesn’t create a claustrophobic space, therefore freestanding tubs also vary greatly in size.

• Taps – Bath taps say a great deal about a décor, and so a cool, contemporary floor standing tap will always look fabulous in virtually any bathroom.


Another attribute that freestanding baths hold over various alternatives is the lack of on-going maintenance that’s needed. Gone are the days of resealing your bath or reattaching it to your wall, a free standing model allows you to place your bath, sit back, relax, and invest the occasional hour or so in a general clean.

Waters Baths provides an extensive range of stunning baths to suit every installation. For more information, visit one of our showrooms, email us at, or give us a call on 01332 824 166.

March 26, 2013

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