Spring is in the Air and with a new year fast upon us, now is most certainly the time for a bathroom renovation. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to create an entirely new bathroom suite or instead just wish to make some minor alterations to a few accessories – even maybe give it a fresh coat of paint, giving your rest room a fresh lease of life is an essential part of keeping your home both attractive and comfortable.

The bathroom in particular along with the Kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house, and therefore particular care and consideration must be taken when creating fresh design ideas to incorporate into this popular space.

A well designed décor really can make the biggest difference to your bathroom space, regardless of whether you’re looking to create a modern contemporary rest room or something a little more classic and traditional in an older home.

The most important aspects to remember when revitalising your bathroom are as follows:

  • Colour Schemes: Probably the most important factor to take into account is the colour scheme that will suit your bathroom best. Whites and creams are both popular options for both modern and traditional bathrooms, and pastoral tones such as blues and greens are often used to add a fresh feel to the surroundings.
  • Ceramics and Furniture: You will also need to pay close attention to what you include and how much space it is likely to take up. It’s essential that anything you add to your bathroom doesn’t make it feel overly cramped or claustrophobic, all whilst co-ordinating nicely with the colour scheme you have chosen.
  • Accessories: The final piece of the jigsaw is adding the right accessories to give your bathroom a complete and continuous style that should never be underrated. Small additions such as taps, wall hung accessories, towel rails and the correct flooring are now all available in a massive range of shapes and styles to ensure that they co-ordinate with the style you want to achieve.

Regardless of the changes you choose to make, it’s really important to create a thorough plan of action before any work commences, as this can often result in minor renovation disasters. Create a detailed plan of the measurements of the space that you have available, and pencil in the fixtures you wish to include to generate a rough idea of the general layout of your new space.

March 15, 2013

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