With the huge selection of interior design publications on the market, selecting the right bathroom fixtures and fittings can sometimes seem like a daunting prospect. At Splash Bathrooms we try our best to provide imagery that will help inspire your next bathroom choice and give you practical bathroom design ideas. However, looking at the main aspects of bathroom design in a little more detail might also help you fine tune your search even more:

Making the most of the Space

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes and utilizing the space properly has one of the largest impacts on your bathroom’s overall aesthetic. I’m sure many of us have been to friends’ homes or perhaps rented accommodation where you open a drawer to find that it bangs against the open door. Other examples include doors that open and bang into the sink. In either case these are design flaws that many are surely keen to avoid. Help is at hand though and we provide an online bathroom planner that allows you to accurately design your bathroom’s layout, meaning no surprises when it comes to fitting.

Colour Scheme

Again the colour scheme has a large bearing on the way a room feels and considering how the colour of the tiles and paint you choose will contrast with your fittings is very important. White walls and porcelain tiles combined with white bathroom fittings can look clinical. However colours that contrast too much can give the room a smaller appearance. Striking a balance is important but that doesn’t mean you can’t be bold with colour choice, just test that the colours work first before reaching for the paint brush.

Taps and Fittings

Taps and fixtures can often be overlooked and people can be forgiven in thinking that a taps just a tap! With the huge variety of designs though, having the right taps can actually transform the way a sink or bath looks. In addition to the aesthetic qualities, you should also consider how they function. With water fall styles, economy, water saving styles and taps that divide the water up in to precise jets you have to consider how they’ll be used.

Showers, Baths, Basins and Toilets

Considering the main ingredients of any bathroom, selecting the right baths, basins and toilets is an essential. With basins you have to take into account how often you intend to clean them and glass basins for example show up toothpaste marks much more than porcelain sinks. Baths come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes ranging from corner baths to L-shaped baths that are designed specifically for bathrooms that have space issues. Showers again come in walk in and closed door styles, depending on how you want to use them and the space you have available.

February 06, 2013

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