For a fresh 2013, many people are opting to give their bathroom a much-needed face lift for the perfect fresh start. With a series of impressive advancements in bathroom technology and gadgets as well as varying trends depending on budget and personal preference, there has never been a more exciting time to invest in a new bathroom suite.

Bolder Statements

With such a variety of options available when it comes to bathroom design ideas, people are opting for some bolder designs to make their bathroom stand out from the crowd as oppose to the everyday minimalist, contemporary bathroom. Freestanding baths and walk in shower enclosures are sure to become the centrepieces of those bathrooms which have space to accommodate such luxuries.

Smarter Designs

Bathroom designers are also looking to incorporate better space saving solutions into especially small bathrooms that are struggling for space. A rise in sleek and chic wall hung cabinets should be expected as home owners look to create tidy and organised spaces. The bathroom market is seeing a constant stream of fresh and innovative storage ideas to create cool, contemporary bathroom spaces.

Less conventional spaces such as bath storage panels and inset shelves are being increasingly utilised to hide away the never ending supply of unsightly bathroom products such as spare shampoos, toilet rolls, lotions and so on.

Go Green

The design of the bathroom is being influenced to allow more Eco friendly methods to be introduced. For example, water-saving taps and dual flush cisterns are becoming increasingly popular as people look to make savings on water usage. Energy saving light bulbs are no recent addition to the lighting market, but an increasing amount of people are looking to add them to their bathrooms to save as much electricity as possible.

So what can we assume that will happen in the future of bathroom designs and renovations? With a sharp increase in the modernisation of bathroom technology, we can expect the vast majority of recently developed bathrooms to feature a number of the latest luxury bathroom gadgets and technology.

February 01, 2013

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