The title of this blog post might seem obvious, but actually trying to define what a designer bathroom consists of is perhaps more difficult than you might at first think. With a wealth of modern bathroom designs available that have a designer feel, what actually makes a bathroom go from attractive or stylish to designer? Looking at design publications for help it seems that everything from the futuristic to the abstract can be made to look special and even retro bathrooms with 70’s inspired coloured porcelain when photographed well could be labelled under the designer mould. Here then are suggestions as to how you can achieve a designer bathroom look:

Breaking Away From The Norm

Perhaps it’s doing something a little different that helps to define the term 'designer'. If you look at the celebrity bathrooms featured on programs such as MTV’s Cribs, their bathrooms would often feature innovative ideas such as LCD televisions, set behind a glass panel above the bath or walk in showers combined with steam room features. While a celebrity will often have a huge budget to play with, these design ideas can be scaled down. Other areas such as lighting can be used to great effect. A fresh modern bathroom suite will look great with regular lighting, but using a combination of spot lighting and floor lighting gives it a more unique, designer look.

Bold Is Beautiful

Another technique that helps homeowners to achieve the designer look is to not be afraid of bold colour choices. There’s a temptation to paint all the walls a natural beige or cream colour, but instead why not try adding a feature wall? You could paint 3 walls of a four walled room white, with the fourth being a deep purple or sumptuous burgundy. Selecting bold colours that work well with the white bathroom fittings can deliver a striking effect.

February 01, 2013

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