A warm bath is perfect hydrotherapy, and despite the fact you probably already enjoy a nice hot bath, you may not be benefiting its full therapeutic potential. To get the most out of a hot soak, you need to understand the benefits and what it’s doing for you. A hot bath is calming and relaxing, especially in a larger freestanding bathtub with more room to spread out to maximize your relaxation, you can drift away from your troubles. The key is heat, not having the bath too hot as this actually has a negative effect on your body getting your nervous system revved up, and thus the relaxation is a bit of an illusion. In fact many people often struggle to sleep well after a particularly hot bath, enduring intense heat can be tiring. Your circulatory system has to do a lot of work to cope with high temperatures. A warm bath can be used as an effective treatment for certain kinds of muscular aches and pains. Immersing yourself in hot water can do something for aching muscles as warm skin relaxes the muscles.

A hot bath can be great for lower back pain despite the misconceptions; the majority of low back pain is essentially muscular in nature. Specifically, the cause of most back pain is knots in your muscles, which can cause far more grief than most people realise and yet they are relatively treatable. For the ultimate therapeutic bathing experience spend some time choosing your perfect bath. Waters Baths of Ashbourne offer three stunning collections; each freestanding bath has a personality that can add the final touches to your bathroom so it captivates the attention of all who enter. If you are searching for a truly immersive bathing experience, then look no further than the stunning i-Line collection created using Lucite Acrylic. Each bath in the range has something to offer and is customized to fit even in the smallest of spaces, without compromising any of the internal space.

The Elements stone collection is the pinnacle of perfection and the six Elements Stone freestanding baths are the ultimate luxury, all of the baths are made from natural materials and are styled with an ‘Infinity’ matt white finish so they look at home in all  bathroom styles across the globe. Alternatively, you may choose something a little simpler, yet classy, in which case the Linear range would ideally suit your needs, with all baths in the Linear range being developed with the philosophy of the bath you want, in the space you have. This allows you to have a luxury freestanding bath in the space your bathroom permits, and with the extra 80mm profile edge allowing you to add taps to the side of the bath like a conventional bath, this bath can be installed back to wall, or as a centerpiece making the Linear collection truly diverse.

All of the i-Line and Linear baths are made from Genuine Lucite™ Acrylic, which is an innovative material that is UV stable and colour fast, so that discoloration becomes something of the past. The permanent thickness of the material ensures that deflection never occurs during usage, whilst its trademark strength means that all of our baths have a luxurious, long lasting abrasion resistant finish.

August 01, 2014

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