The bathroom plays a fundamental role in everyone’s daily routine however the bathroom is often given little or no thought in regards to the appearance of this indispensable room. Your environment can have an enormous effect on your mood, so you should give careful thought to the atmosphere you’re creating. To feel at your best, you should give careful consideration to the interior décor of your home in general, but it is especially important in the bathroom. The foundation of any bathroom’s style is always its suite after all this is what will define your bathroom. Naturally other aspects such as lighting and colour are important however they simply build on the style outlined by the features and shapes of your bathroom suite. It’s absolutely essential to choose wisely. There are two main trends in bathroom suite styles contemporary and traditional, its here where you begin to define the style of the bathroom your creating.

Traditional bathroom suites aim to combine a comfortable yet classic look with reliable modern mechanisms. Traditional-style suites create a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere with softer edges and more rounded features that fit seamlessly into your home. They also generally contain more conventional design elements, such as crosshead taps, slipper baths, sink pedestals, traditional-style materials and close coupled or chain flush toilets. Waters Baths of Ashbourne have a selection of freestanding bathtubs that would suite a traditional styled bathroom such as the Wave freestanding bath from the i-Line collection.

Contemporary bathroom suites are more modern in appearance frequently taking more of an angular form. Instead of pedestal basins with cross-head taps, contemporary-style sinks can be expected to include more cutting-edge tap designs such as waterfall or mixer taps and more modern basin styles, such as wall-mounted or countertop basins where the sinks become a strong focal point. Contemporary suites are also more likely to include bath designs such as our Spring freestanding bath from the i-Line collection. The i-Line and Linear range in particular are suitable for a contemporary bathroom. While colour schemes may still include classic white units, you may find them combined with starker contrasts such as dark wood surrounds and furniture or bold and bright accent colours.

June 03, 2014

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