A Bathroom is more than just a ‘room’ it’s a tranquil environment of peaceful serenity that should be respected and revered after all this is the room that soaks up all the hard work of the day, and revitalises your tired senses ready to start again.

If your bathroom is a cluttered mess then your relaxation might not go exactly to plan, think about how best you relax because this room needs to be perfect: focus on the surroundings and accessories and keep things to a minimal. Continuing a popular bathroom trend at the moment is the freestanding bath, adding instant glamour and style to your bathroom. Most freestanding baths will fit into a regular sized bathroom without making things look too crammed.

With a large array of design styles to choose from choosing a freestanding bath can often be a harder task than first thought. The key is to choose the style of bathroom you plan on designing and that way you can focus on styles that suit your overall bathroom plan rather than creating a assortment of styles that clash and give your bathroom haven a unbalanced look that ruins the Feng shui you are trying to achieve. You need to decide whether the style you choose is contemporary or traditional as these styles vary dramatically its essential that you pick the style suited to you and accompany major fittings with the correct accessories. 

May 07, 2014

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